Youna (saozneg), Hukum, Maï-wenn (kastilhaneg) hag ar 4reidi.

Youna (saozneg), Hukum, Maï-wenn (kastilhaneg) hag ar 4reidi.

Deuet eo Hukum, un divroad a vro Afganistan, da gomz gant ar re 4re.
Eskemmet hon eus war e vro orin, an tamm mat a hent en deus graet, e ziaesterioù tremenet hag a-vremañ.

Setu ar pezh 'zo bet desket gant ar skolajidi :

We met Hukum last week, he's 19 years old, and he's from Baghlan in Afghanistan (a region north of Kaboul). He left his parents, sister and brother, as well as his country 3 years ago, when he was 16. He had to leave because of the war, and explosions where he lived.

He crossed a lot of countries to come to France, by car and by foot, and stayed from 3 to 6 months in each country. First he went to Iran, then Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, the Tchek Republic, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, then back to Denmark, Germany and finally France. He heard England was a good country to emigrate, but he couldn't go there, so he arrived in France, in Calais (North of France), and came to Quimper after. He paid around 7000 euros for the whole trip.

Now he lives in Lampaul, with 60 people. He's happy to be in France, he thinks it's good for him. He wants to be a mechanic if he can get a job.

His birthday is on the 1st of January, because when he arrived in France he was asked a birthday, but he didn't have any so they wrote : « 1st of January ».

Hukum speaks a little English and French, but also the languages from his country : Pachto and Dari. In Pachto, hello is « salam », thank you is « manana », and brother is « woror ».

Hukum is a Muslim, he believes in Allah.

He spoke about his country : The flag of Afghanistan is Black, Red and Green. Back in Afghanistan, he played cricket. Typical food there is chicken, rice and salad ... , and they drink tea.